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You’ve spent good money on your smoker or grill, why run the risk of damaging it? Stainless steel grill brushes will scratch your porcelain coated smoker/grill grates. Play it safe by using the BBQ Butler Brass Grill Brush. This outdoor grill brush will ensure safe and effective cleaning. Keeping your grates free of any mess is critical in getting the best results from your smoker or grill. It is also one of the more painstaking parts about smoker and grill maintenance. The BBQ Butler Brass Grill Brush has 7" brushes grouped together for maximum cleaning power, reducing the amount of time spent cleaning. There are numerous advantages to having a large grill brush, one of the most important is increased distance from heat. The long handle design of this grill brush will ensure you are free from any burns. A strong metal loop on the end allows for quick and easy storage. If you have a porcelain grate, make sure that you turn to the BBQ Butler Brass Grill Brush for your safe and thorough cleaning needs.

BBQ Butler 3 in 1 Brass Grill Brush

SKU: 616242000000
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