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Croix Valley's Cattle Drive BBQ Dry Rub was designed specifically with beef in mind. Designed Specifically for beef and hearty red meats, this is a blend of spices that will help you discover what the art of barbecue was meant to taste like. This rub offers a slight sweetness balanced with a nice finishing heat but contains elements of spice that heighten red meats and wild game. Creating an umami experience with ingredients like Worcestershire powder and natural smoke flavors Cattle Drive makes for a great out-of-the-bottle barbecue flavor.
 Use on burgers to enhance natural beef flavors.
 A wonderful coating for smoking mixed nuts or Chex mix.
 Season deer and elk steaks to brighten the natural game meat experience.
 Great BBQ Dry Rub for Brisket.
 Create a crust on your Prime Rib that's out of this world

Croix Valley Cattle Drive BBQ Dry Rub 10.8oz

SKU: 852974000000
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