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Croix Valley Sweet Heat BBQ Dry Rub is a well balanced rub that lives up to the nomenclature by delivering simultaneous sweetness and spice. Croix Valley's Sweet Heat BBQ Dry Rub is designed to bring out the best flavor in true "low and slow" smoked meats. Designed with a combination of ingredients, sugars that create a gorgeous, flavorful bark and peppers that mix in a subtle finishing heat , that elevates the flavor experience without taking it over. Amazing on pork and poultry, the nuances of lighter meats become a superb canvass for showcasing the flavors of this rub. Generously rub your beef, chicken, pork and more with this blend of spices. You'll soon discover what the art of barbecue was meant to taste like. 2015 NBBQA Awards of Excellence 1st Place Winner for All Purpose Rub.
 Use as a finishing rub on ribs.
 Awesome on smoked nuts or Chex Mix.
 Spicy chicken wings that give you a zing!

Croix Valley Sweet Heat BBQ Dry Rub 11.8oz

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